5 things to do before moving to new cloud accounting software

Feb 15, 2021 | Handy Tips

You might have decided to move from one cloud accounting platform to another, or perhaps you are starting with cloud accounting for the first time. Either way, moving to your new cloud with Movemybooks at your side makes good sense, because we help you to take your historic data with you, so you can get off to a flying start.

But what factors should you consider doing before migrating your data to the cloud through Movemybooks?

We believe it is important that you have a plan in place before moving, so we’ve listed here the 5 key things you should do to ensure everything runs smoothly

1. Tidy your data

It is important to ensure that your current data is as tidy as possible. This is a good time to clean up unwanted data and rectify any transactions that you have been meaning to correct so that you don’t carry them forward into the new system. Make sure customer and supplier payments are matched to invoices and reconcile your bank accounts up to date.

2. Decide on the date you want to convert to

This is the date on which you will start using the new system and discontinue using the previous accounting system. Although you are free to choose any date, it often makes sense to make the switch at the end of a month, or the end of a VAT quarter.

3. Inform your accountant

Keep your accountant updated about your decision. Their expertise may even help you choose the right package for your business. They should be comfortable using the software too, or at least be able to export the necessary information. We recommend that you get your accountant involved and ask them to use Movemybooks to do the conversion for you.

4. Spring clean your chart of accounts

Over time, new accounts may have been added to your existing chart of accounts, many of which will be used frequently but some of which are perhaps no longer used. This is a good time to review your chart of accounts and tidy it up a bit. You can do this either before migration or afterwards. You may be more familiar with how to do it in your old system but it is fairly easy to do in most cloud accounting systems, and some provide tools to find and recode transactions, making tidying up even quicker. Whichever way you do it, plan so that once you start using your new accounts system the chart of accounts is just how you want it.

5. Get familiar with your software

Make sure you familiarise yourself with your new accounting system. Having your data already loaded should be a big help, but set aside some time when you aren’t too busy so that you – and anyone else in your team that needs to use the new system – get chance to become familiar without time pressure.

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